Tuesday, January 6, 2015


birthday brunch @ terrain garden cafe

So, uh, if Twitter hasn't told you yet, it's snowing in the US. It's not really a good day for anything other than making homemade pizza and sitting by the fire. I got exciting news about a project yesterday, so my plate is already pretty full this month. I have a week left of break to get a jump start on things, BUT FOR NOW, here are some resolutions for the new year (if you're into that kind of thing): *

  1. stretch out hamstrings (be able to sit, legs out, and comfortably touch my toes)
  2. don't buy what I can make 
  3. shop handmade, local and independent as much as possible
  4. start the switch to cruelty-free make up & skincare
  5. read 30 books (and write reviews for all of them)

*I somehow managed to say "day," "week," "month" and "year" within one paragraph, so now I'm morally obligated to put on Friends again. 

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