Sunday, January 18, 2015


There's three things you should know about Friday Night Dinner:
  1. Whatever we make has to be vegan, so we can share it with anyone (sometimes this just means cheese-optional).
  2. It has to be made on a stove because we don't have an oven. 
  3. It doesn't actually have to be on Friday. 
Most recently we adapted this recipe using pretty much whatever we could find at Kroger (but this recipe is one of our all-time favorites). We made some brown rice to serve it with, and bought some homemade bread for dipping.

LIFE HACK: If you drink wine while you cook, you can say you "went out," when, really, you never left your friend's living room and wore a sweater and leggings.

I really want to make this guy next, so if anyone has a food processor for rent, hit me up.

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