Saturday, January 31, 2015


January has been mostly cold noses and chin breakouts, but also this stuff:

I finished up a buncha books and just downloaded Miranda July's The First Bad Man on Audible, which I'm really excited to sneak in between all the other things I should really be paying more attention to.

Did a lot of writing about the new year for Hello Giggles, including some techy stuff, bookish stuff and movie stuff. Then I wrote about cats and also that Go Daddy dog, and reported on some studies about internet comments and mental health

Also, I'm running a half marathon (update: it's hard)

This piece that just came out on Jezebel should be mandatory reading for anyone who participates in, thought about participating in, or has ever thought the phrase, "Greek life."

Lindy West is probably my favorite online writer and she just did a segment for This American Life where she interviews one of her online harassers and it's actually crazy but so good.

Jessica Valenti has started a e-newsletter called Eat Me and it's about "food, feminism, and other obsessions" and, along with The Skimm, has taken me one more step in my journey to become the perfect millennial. 


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