Saturday, February 21, 2015

CRUELTY-FREE SWITCH | REN Rosa Centifolia™ Hot Cloth Cleanser (UPDATE)

***As of March 2nd, 2015, REN is no longer cruelty-free. Which is a bummer but I just lost the hot cloth anyways. More info here.***

As I mentioned in my 2015 resolutions, my goal this year is to make the switch to cruelty-free make-up and skincare. I was watching my fave (and only--gimme recommendations plz!) cruelty-free YouTube channel and it mentioned a Rosa Centifolia cleanser. I had seen REN around town, so I went over to their website and instantly latched on to their Hot Cloth Cleanser in an obsessive way.

Obtaining it, however, was a different story. My local Sephora doesn't carry REN products, and the two salespeople I asked at Macy's hadn't ever heard of the brand. I came home with the REN-shaped hole in my heart still empty.

So I jumped back onto their website and placed the cleanser in my cart. Turns out, shipping is free in the US, you get 10% off if you make an account and and and you get to choose two free samples with every order. Take that, Macy's!

I still had a tiny bit of my previous (non cruelty-free) cleanser left, and I was planning on using it up before I started on the REN, but I got too eager and ended up donating the last of my stash to my roommate.

The gist of the Hot Cloth Cleanser goes as follows: pump out some of the cleanser and rub it over your dry face (even if you have make-up on--since I'm using this primarily as a make-up remover). Then, take the cloth and soak it in hot water, before letting it rest on your face to open up yer pores. Then, wipe away the make-up and rinse out the cloth. I like to go over my face again with cold water to close up pores since this is something I only just learned about?!

One of the things I was worried about was finding an all-in-one CF make-up remover that you could use on your eye make-up as well as your whole face. So far, rubbing this over my eyes and through my lashes hasn't been a problem at all. It's super gentle.

I was also worried that the cloth would end up getting disgusting and I wouldn't want to use it, but most of the make-up you take off comes out when you put the cloth back under the water. I make sure to take some extra time to ring it out, and I throw it in with my weekly laundry like it aint no thang.

Soon, I'll dive more into my samples, but for now I'm just gonna keep rubbing my face on people for them to feel how smooth it is.


  1. I really love this blog!
    I've just started mine too, and your space is such an ispiration!

  2. The Canadian brand Marcelle is cruelty free - I order mine through Birchbox - they make 3 in 1 Micellar solution. Takes all my makeup off without irritating my skin. By the way - I'm also gradually going cruelty free. Check out my YouTube channel and my website - reviewersdiary