Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's official: my succulents are dead.

The Exam That Shall Not Be Named is over! I've been having stress after-shock and doing poorly with my schoolwork! I spelled "doing" like "dooing" god I'm so tired! But this does mean I have time to read again. I finished The First Bad Man by Miranda July and started The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins, which I've been wanting to read since forever, and Funny Girl by Nick Hornby.

Just wrote a small lil thing for Hello Giggles about Random Snaps of Kindness, and received a very nice email from the creator of the project!


I've been getting drunk and quoting this article on Jezebel for a few weeks now.

David Sedaris reads Miranda July on The New Yorker podcast. This is from two years ago, but my friend sent it to me the other day and it's a combination of all my favorite things that I can't believe I hadn't seen before. I'd recommend listening while wearing a face mask, sitting in front of your open window because it's finally warm out.


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