Monday, May 18, 2015

SO FAR, SO VLOG | Senior Week

If there are five stages of graduation, I'd say I'm on about number three. I walked across the stage, I hugged people goodbye, and now I'm...home. It's been less than twenty-four hours and I've already had all the horrible thoughts a person could have. What if I never leave my house? What if I don't make any post-college friends? What if the last time I do literally anything fun already happened, and now I'm doomed to a life of grocery shopping and not hearing back from jobs?

This, of course, doesn't make sense. I'm moving to a new city in two weeks. It's temporary, and in two months I could very well be back where I started. But it's something.

For now, let's just look back on this past week and remember that time I was on a meal plan and had friends living in the room next to me. I already miss it.

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