Saturday, June 13, 2015


Boston, MA

Coming at you from Penn Station, which is not the usual stomping ground for someone who just moved to Boston, but here I am. My train back to South Station was delayed fifteen minutes when I got here, and has just been bumped to twenty five. I'm hot and tired and not wearing a bra, the combination of which makes me want to curl up on this chair and sleep, were it not for the fact that someone has probably peed on it.

Now it's thirty five minutes but I'm counting my blessings because the train below mine has that vague and ever ominous "DELAYED" next to it with no sign of when to expect it.

Oh okay, my smugness is slightly dulled because I just noticed that it's bound for Miami.

Finally boarded, surrounded by a nest of snacks. Which was pretty much the theme of the past 24 hours. Copious amounts of food, beginning with Pimms Cups and burgers at Jack's Wife Freda, and then a BYOB Indian restaurant where we told the waiter it was Abby's birthday and they gave us mango ice cream and rice pudding. And then today of course was boozy brunch which accompanies any good trip to the city. Another theme may be emerging.

Just woke up from a nap during which my mouth was wide open the whole time. And I had that weird half awake/half asleep moment where I thought about how I'll be so much more comfortable when I'm in my bed. And I pictured my bed at home with my polka dot bedding and Harry Potter decorations and dogs barking downstairs. And that's not where I'm going. I'm traveling between two places that have never been home but that I'm trying to make homes out of. I spent my junior year taking trains all over Europe, so I'm no stranger to waking up in unfamiliar places, but this place is different. It's my home in so many ways. I have a gym membership and a blender and a morning commute to work. But it's only been two weeks, and I don't know how many more are in front of me.

When I got off the train, Boston felt like putting on a sweater. I had just come from a bustling, hectic and grungy city, and was greeted with hazy streets that smelled like trees. I took the Green Line to the very last stop, and walked the five minutes to my apartment. It's nice here. There's ice cream in the fridge and a whole new season of Orange Is The New Black on my Netflix. My Boston life is quiet, but I'm okay to live it for a little longer.

New York, NY

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