Thursday, June 25, 2015


Tryin' something a little new, inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

Finished The Vacationers by Emma Straub, which I loved, so all the negative Goodreads reviews really surprised me. Now I'm reading Butterflies in November by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, which is the first Icelandic fiction I've ever read. An Amazon review described it as "a feminist acid trip" and I am so here for that.
Wrote this piece about cleaning out your closet, as well as these cool feminist stickers and these cool feminist ladies.

Since I'm living on my own, my recommendations have a lot to do with money and food. This website lets you import recipes from the Internet, schedule your meals and then generates your shopping lists. And this Google Chrome add on automatically applies all of the store's available coupon codes when you're online shopping.


Don't pretend you don't bop to this on the way to work.

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