Sunday, August 23, 2015


NAME: Paula
NICKNAMES: Paula Bear, Pauly-D, beeb, beebs, beebly
AGE: 4
WEIGHT: 13.8 lbs and counting
LIKES: Breakfast time, dinner time, my bed, my pillows, my couch, my throw blanket, her feather toy, Gilmore Girls
DISLIKES: Her cat carrier, the one time I dropped a hot tray of potatoes

One of my earliest memories consists of me inspecting the scratches on my arms that were a result of me, yet again, chasing our family cats. Then there's the time, after those cats were long gone and we were in pursuit of the next editions, that I cried and stomped my feet and demanded we adopt a kitten, even though everywhere we called said that they didn't have any. I guess what I'm saying is I've always liked cats, okay!!

I'd been threatening to adopt a cat before I even graduated, and a few days ago I took the plunge. But as I walked the few blocks back, struggling to keep the cat carrier level, I was more anxious than excited. Now that I finally had my own cat, all the logistical things that I hadn't thought about before came rushing in. What if she gets sick what if I don't remember to feed her how do I know what vet to take her to and on and on and on.  But as it turns out, she's perfectly healthy, she'd never LET ME forget to feed her, and there's a little thing called Google that can figure out the rest.

I adopted Paula from the New York City ASPCA. If you're in the area and looking for a buddy, please check them out!! 

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