Monday, September 14, 2015


Until this past week, I spent most of my time in New York alternating between carefree whimsy and lying in bed wondering if I was nothing more than a waste of my parents' money. Jury's still out on that, but I did go and get myself two part time jobs which, if my math is correct, equals one real one. 

Job #1: Intern, Racked NY
I don't know if the best thing about this internship is that I get to walk through Bryant Park in heels feeling important or that I get to go to an office on the tenth floor with snacks and coffee or that for my first assignment my boss turned to me and asked, "Hey, can you go to the Apple Store in Soho and see if the Kardashians are there?"

They were:

Job #2: Sales Associate, Purl Soho
Despite the fact that it's in almost every bio I've created for myself, my knitting mojo had petered out over the summer. I don't know if it was the heat or my creativity levels or whatever, but it's back with a vengeance and it's all thanks to this job. If you're like me, you know about Purl Soho from the Purl Bee, and if you're not like me, this paragraph will be of no interest to you. Either way, half my week is spent fluffing and winding and folding and thinking of things I can knit for Paula

And, lest you were worried, there's still Job #3: Contributor, Hello Giggles. While I only have one day off a week, I've been doing whatever I can to make sure I'm still writing as much as possible. Whether that's waking up an hour early to write my articles for the day, or dragging my laptop downtown so I can run to a cafe and write during the odd hours I have free. 

My feet hurt and I'm deep into a Chinese food coma and Rory and Logan are about to steal a yacht so the show is going to go downhill any episode now, but I'm feeling *thumbs up emoji* *salsa dance emoji* *poop emoji*

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