Thursday, September 24, 2015


1. Don't know if I should watch Scream Queens or The Muppets first.
2. Kinda f-ed that vanilla creamer doesn't contain any dairy, just like, conceptually speaking.
3. I'm worried about money in the sense that I should stop spending it.
4. I want these headphones.
5. I've hardly blogged at all this month and that's partly because I've been so busy and partly because there's so much I want to do with this blog but am nervous about coming across as douchey or fake when really sometimes a girl just wants to take outfit pictures in front of a photogenic brick wall, you feel?
6. Is my cat a pretty cat or the prettiest cat?
7. This post doesn't really have a point. It's mostly in reaction to the sentiments in #5, but also just to say that it's nice to not have to work today and to sit on my couch drinking coffee during the one time of day that my apartment gets light and hopefully things will settle and this fun tension I've been carrying in my back in between my shoulders will go away soon, please.

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