Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This month I'm pretty sure I felt every single emotion possible on the spectrum. Except for bemusement, because I'm never quite sure what that means yet it is in every work of fiction I've ever read with varied contexts all the time no exceptions.

I finished Almost Famous Women fi-i-inally while sitting at a bar in Williamsburg alone drinking wine. That's 100% true and I hate me also.

For Hello Giggles I wrote about what would have happened if the characters in Pretty Little Liars had just gone to the police in the first place, as well as a round-up (because round-up season is upon us) of all the best pop culture moments in 2015.

For Racked, I helped put together this mammoth of a post about all the holiday markets coming to NYC which, by the way, I'm super pumped for.

Speaking of the holiday, you should go ahead and download a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar now that December has officially kicked off. I'm a mom @ <3 and I luv it.


I mean really, what did you expect?

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