Saturday, January 9, 2016


Do people still care about resolution posts at this point? Better question: did they ever? Whatever, this is MY blog and YOU clicked on this so here we go.

As a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed freshly 22-year old in 2015, I made five resolutions, one of which I successfully kept: start the switch to cruelty-free makeup and skincare. While I'm definitely still using up some of my old non-cruelty-free products, everything I bought this year was cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. The switch was surprisingly easy, and most of the awesome brands you already love (LUSH, Glossier, Lipstick Queen, etc) are cruelty-free anyways.

The others weren't so good. I failed my read-30-books challenge by five, and being so close makes it all the more annoying. I also can't easily touch my toes. I'm pretty sure I actually can touch them less.

For the remaining two, I made the mistake of leaving things vague. Resolutions have to be tangible, so yes, I probably did shop at independent stores as much as possible and I did make a lot of stuff, but I have no way of measuring if I successfully "completed" those resolutions.

With all that in mind, let's try this again.


1. Participate in at least one running event, whether that's a 5k or another dreaded half marathon.
2. On weeknights, "unplug" at least a half-hour before going to bed.
3. Try therapy, you idiot.
4. Get comfortable with this blog, not just posting regularly but also posting the stuff I enjoy.


  1. I completely agree about vague goals. Mine didn't seem vague when I made them... However turned vague when I tried to figure out if I accomplished them

  2. I personally sometimes all what is in my mind gets covered up with axiety but doesnt last longer when i advocate to meditate over the issue over a period of time i manage to clear the air.