Sunday, March 20, 2016

DAMN I GOT BUDGETS: Thrift Haul #1

My love affair with thrifting waxes and wanes depending on the success of each journey. The nature of thrifting is that sometimes you stumble upon one or two awesome finds or, if you're me, you fall head over heels in love with a million differen things, including a shirt that says "Enjoy HELL!" in the Coca-Cola font, most of which you'll never end up wearing.

However, this past weekend I gave it another go (Kate, is that because you haven't quite figured out how to manage your finances and somehow keep netting $0 with every paycheck? I'm not going to answer that because it's rude of you to ask) along with one of my coworkers, Sammy, and emerged with a small but mighty haul of two things I had been on the hunt for.

Basic Editions white button-down tank top
Similar: $9.99
Thrifted: $5

BDG denim button-front skirt
Original: $59.99
Thrifted: $14.99

I just want to talk about how amazing this find was because I told Sammy that all I wanted was a denim skirt and that I had put a denim skirt in my cart on the Urban Outfitters website but wasn't ready to pull the trigger because it was kind of expensive and we were sitting at Stumptown getting ready to call it a day when we were just like "We'll poke our heads in the Goodwill next store" AND THEN lo and behold the EXACT skirt that was in my cart was sitting on the rack, in my size, with the tag still on and I was so happy I took it out on a date to a loud Irish pub later that night:

$$$ saved: 49.99

Thrifted at L Train Vintage and Goodwill.

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  1. I always wondered how thrift stores profit if they sell stuff at such low prices. But I guess the charm of such inexpensive items makes you want to buy unneccassary things, so they end up making a few bucks.