Monday, June 6, 2016



I'm having trouble figuring out what to write, which is actually the very thing I want to write about. I think it's hard to get started because I'm not sure who I'm talking to. This blog has always been a personal place. I don't really have any kind of "following," just people who come here when they want to yell at me about a Hello Giggles article I wrote. There's no one I've "let down" by not posting in a while, other than maybe myself, because I said that 2016 was going to be the year I really got a handle on this thing. I quickly learned that this blog was a great outlet when I was stressed and unhappy and confused about life, but right now I'm...not. I'm happy. I like my job I like my friends I like my life. 

But I don't like not blogging. I don't like that I spent years too scared to start a personal blog but always wanting to, only to finally get one and then not fulfill its potential. It's partly that I'm not sure what to write about, and partly that when I do have an idea, I'm embarrassed to follow through with it. Working in media has shown me that people's online personas can differ so wildly from who they really are, and I'm wary of falling into that trap. I don't want people to think I'm pretending when I post on this blog, but that makes it hard to try anything new, because pretending to know what you're doing is kind of the only way to do anything. 

I guess I'm just putting this here as a placeholder, to acknowledge to anyone who is generously reading this that I've been a bit quiet recently, but I have some ideas, so it's probably time to just take a deep breath and post them.

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  1. I relate to this so hard. I have been avoiding my blog for a long while now. I was going things for a lot of time that other people were doing, and I was afraid of what I had to say others, I still don't know what the point is sometimes. I want to go back but I don't know what for. Maybe I need like a support group/blog accountability buddy where we encourage each other to post things even when we don't know why or what to post. I just keep asking myself, why, why am I doing this. Why do I feel the pull even when I am not doing it? What do I want to say? Do I want it to look back on? Etc etc etc. I have no clue.

  2. For a long time, I journaled or kept an account of my life. My computer is filled with letters, notes and collections of articles that I gathered over the years. After a while, it was made a bit of a taboo by someone who was once very close to me.

    For a few months, I was okay with it. However, it was very difficult for me to project my feelings, fears and anxieties through simply spoken words. I'm one of those super verbose people who uses more words than I should but it's simply how I express myself and I was forced to stop. I was getting emotionally backed up, especially with the several dozen life changing events going on at the time.

    More things changed and I snapped, causing me to lose that close person and most, if not all, my friends.

    Now, I write as much as I can. Blog wise, there isn't much posted, but I do have several dozen drafts including a TON of what's on my computer and this time, I'm very open about it. Everyone at work and my family knows I write and more often than not, they're curious what I write about and when I direct them to my blog, they want more and I couldn't be happier. I love writing and blogging and sure, I don't do much with it but the truth is, it's liberating.

    Write about work, that odd video you saw, the recipe you tried and failed horrendously at recreating. Fishing, eating, things you've learned whether about life, nature, the world or yourself. Trust me, people will read it. *I* will read it and if no one reads it, then that's even better because it's like a secret that you've put out there and you'll smile randomly when you think about it and read it all over again.

  3. I've just read your most recent 3-4 blog posts, which aren't that recent, and I feel like your blogging anxiety twin. I thought I wanted to write, then I got a corporate job in communications and running their social media and blog/website content. After quitting, I don't feel like I know my voice anymore, and I once loved it. Hell, I no longer think I know how to write. I question it all. I don't know what to write. Matter of fact, I stopped writing altogether. Actually I just stopped posting them.

    I think everyone in this comment section should start an anxious writer's support group. And most importantly, I think you should keep blogging. I'll read it. =)

  4. I can relate to this on so many levels. I myself whenever sit to write, I am out of things to write, even when so much is going on in my life.

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